For maximum benefit, please remember 
to breathe deep when suggested.   

Being fully present and relaxed 
in the experience is an important first step 
in taking care of your self. 

You certainly deserve it.
Remove make-up.
Wash your face GL Cleansing Milk. Rinse well. Pat dry. 
Fill your sink with water as hot as you like.
Soak a facial cloth in the water and place on your face to moisten your skin and open your pores.
Inhale a deep relaxing breath in
thru your nose and out thru your mouth.

When the cloth cools, repeat. 
Relaxing breath.
Repeat again with hot cloth.

Feel tension start to melt away.

Put a small amount of GL Cleansing Milk
in your moist palm. (About 3-5 pumps from the
35ml size bottle),

Add about a tsp. of white sugar to create
gentle natural exfoliant wash.
Massage in circular motion over your moist
face until the sugar is melted.

Add a little water if mixture feels too dry.

Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Pat dry with a soft towel. 

Your face feels clean, fresh and moisturized 
Spray your face with your favorite Bodymagic Therapy Mist or GL Aqua Vitae Hydrating Toner. 

Gently and rhythmically pat in until absorbed.
Relaxing breath.
Gentle toning is the first step in re-hydrating your skin. Patting boosts skin circulation  and helps new skin cells to surface.
Result: a brighter complexion. 

Another deep breath.
In the center of your palmput only 1-2 drops of GL Hyaluronic Serum and a small amount of your favorite Bodymagic Creme (If you prefer to use GL Light Moisture Cream, the extra serum is not necessary).

Mix together with your fingertip.

Put your two palms together to distribute this mixture then
rhythmically paon all over your face until absorbed.
Patting enlivens the skin and encourages cell rejuvenation

You feel good. 

Any extra?
Apply to the backs of your hands
Repeat the last step 
applying the mixture to your neck 
with gentle upward strokes. 

Any extra?
Apply to the backs of your hands.
Our 10 minute facial 
is about beautiful skin
and loving self-care 
Start with a clean face.
Immediately before doing the next step
lightly spray your face again 
but don't pat in. Keep face moist.
Deep Moisturize
Soak your facial cloth in cool water. 
Wring out until dry and lay cool cloth
on your face to close pores. 
Relaxing breath.  

Repeat with cool cloth.

Another deep breath concludes
your 10 minutes of bliss.

simple ritual of self-care

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