Correct the balance of your skin with our most natural cremes.
Long-lasting hydration gently brings your skin back to health.  

bodymagic moisturizers are artisan crafted in limited edition batches from the finest skin care oils and purest botanical ingredients.

Use daily from head to toe to replenish your skin, after shower, after bath.

No chemicals. No alcohol. No colors
100% food-grade ingredients for the health of your skin.
For face and body. 

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        l a v e n d e r

Rejuvenating formula for all skin types, especially dry skin. Balances combination skin.  Restores suppleness to the skin. A regenerative creme. Renews skin cells.  improves elasticity and encourages collagen synthesis. Cools burns and  soothes sunburns.
 b l u e  c h a m o m i l e 

Rich and regenerative formula for delicate and sensitive skin. Replenish very dry skin. Cool and soothe rough, irritated skin. For dry eczema and rosacea. Help counteract the drying effects of  chemotherapy. Improve skin's elasticity. For itchy skin, damaged skin, sunburn. Apply nightly to ease under eye puffiness.

r o s e   a b s o l u t e  

Regenerative formula. Nourish, 
tone and revitalize dry, sensitive and pre-maturely aging skin. Protect the delicate outer layer of the skin. Improve skin tone and elasticity.  Diminish the appearance of fine lines.

       l e m o n g r a s s 

Refreshing fomula gently tones. Restore suppleness to the skin. Balance oily and combination skin. Help reduce large pores. Improve mature skin by strengthening weak connective tissue. Restore skin'elasticity. Brighten dull skin. Tighten pores.
 48.00    140mL/4oz
t o   h e a l t h   a n d   r a d i a n c e
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