Cleanse your face and body with bodymagic soaps.

Apply bodymagic creme moisturizer to your moist skin.

Start with a small amount.
Usually a pea sized amount  will moisturize a quadrant of your body.
The creme will go further and penetrate faster when  applied to moist skin.

For very dry skin you may need to apply more in the beginning
to replenish your skin.

It is better to not skimp on the first two jars you use on your body.
You will experience results much faster and your skin's healthy
moisture level will be restored that much faster.

Within 6 weeks you will notice that your skin will not absorb
all the creme as before and you can then begin to use less.

Remember: the longer you use the creme, the less you will have to use.

Now pat dry your face.
Place a small amount of creme on the center of your palm.

The cremes are very rich and go a long way on moist skin.
Start with the smallest amount. You can always apply more.

Spray two to four pumps of the therapy mist of your choice onto the creme.
Lightly rub the two together to mix and warm.

Using the palms of your hands gently pat, never rub, the creme on your face. Close your eyes and apply around the eye area.

bodymagic cremes and mists will never sting or burn the eyes.

You are on the path to healthy skin.

Isn't this so very simple?

a   s i m p l e   w a y   t o   h e a l t h y   s k i n
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